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Decatur Tudor

The desire we shared with our clients was to create a home that had the character of an old Anglican church or English Manor. The aspects that we sought to tap in to was the honest, raw and natural character that these structures have. There is also a whimsical character that is not so easy to describe.  The magic and mystery of the old english manor that we can all picture in our mind is the stuff of fairy tales, actio-adventure and romantic novels.  They are mysterious, evocative structures and one cannot guess what is around that corner or behind that wall.


Rough stone parapetted end walls anchor the house while smooth limestone and slate roofing create a simple elegance that will only gain in character over time. While the façade is formal and sophisticated, one is surprised and thrilled after passing through the front door. Soaring spaces, thickened passages and dramatic forward and crossing axes make up the formal front part of the house. Stained wood, raw steel, stone walls and concrete floor tile all lend an air that one could easily find in an old English manor while the narrow mezzanines, winding stairs, and built in bookcases create the magic that we sought to fill this home with.  


This house has been expertly crafted by John Welsey Hammer and will be complete in Spring 2016.  It will be on the Junior League of Atlanta's Tour of Kitchens and will be featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles in the coming months.

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