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caldwell 1b pp cropped.jpg
caldwell 1b pp cropped.jpg


A house i is much more than a roof over your head.  It is a place to live, thrive, re-energize and feel inspired.  It is a place to raise your family and shelter away from the Storm.  The word House immediately evokes an image for all of us.  Our individual differ but they all probably share some obvious similarities. They probably all resemble in some form a child's drawings of a house.  Simple Monopoly House form with a single pitched roof,  A prominent door and large windows.  A chimney complete with smoke. Most would have a porch and all would have a great front yard for playing.  That ingrained image of home is the starting point for every house we design but rarely is it so clear.


This  3,200 square foot 2-story house with a future 3rd floor loft was oriented around a stair tower and wide central hall.  The stair tower features a floating winding staircase and a 2-story mural wall that will be clearly visible from the street.  The mural will change periodically but will always feature the work of local Atlanta artists.  


The wide central hall opens to a large kitchen, living and dining area that opens to the rear porch and the backyard beyond. 



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